Looking for an Excellent Dog Groomer?

Claws & Paws Pet Groomers understands putting your dog shaking with stress into the car for a trip to the groomer is never fun, but it’s the best thing you could do for your pet. Whether it’s cutting the hair out of your cute pup’s eyes or cleaning their ears, each part of grooming is necessary for a healthy, happy dog.

To prove the necessity, we’ll share a few of the typical problems dogs suffer from if not properly maintained:
• Ear infections from wax buildup
• Hangnails for dogs and scratched floors for the homeowners
• Periodontal disease from dirty, stinky teeth

Claws & Paws Pet Groomers will prevent these uncomfortable and cumbersome issues by giving a thorough groom to your four-legged friend. Our highly trained stylists and groomers work to make your pet comfortable while getting the best treatment around. In fact, it’s our guarantee. We concentrate on personalized care that adheres to only the highest safety standards. At Claws & Paws Pet Groomers , we want you to be a happy customer.

What do we offer?

With a variety of grooming package options, you’ll be able to choose the right care for what your dog needs at the time. And of course, at a price you’ll love.

A typical dog grooming package at Claws & Paws Pet Groomers  includes a shampoo, blow-dry, 15-minute brushing, nail trim, anal gland cleaning, ear cleaning and a few other sanitary measures. For a dog that’s regularly groomed, we’ve got an option with less scissoring and a quicker appointment. But, if your pup hasn’t seen a groomer in too many days to count, a larger package would be perfect for the furry guy or gal.

This includes a typical groom plus extra scissoring and dematting, which requires extra time and care. To control fur shedding, we can use a shampoo specifically designed to cut back on fur loss. This, a special application of solution and 30 minutes of brushing with a special tool will give dramatic results. Your clothes, couches and rugs won’t resemble your dog anymore!

So many more options and packages of ours can have your dog going home smiling and gorgeous. Take the time to stop in or call to learn about our services.

For the best care around and a dog everyone will be calling handsome, call 202 986-0495 to set up an appointment. We promise you’ll keep coming back!


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"Went to this pet store after I saw on the Royal Canin website that they were the closest store that carried the type of food I usually get for my dog. Was concerned cause it seems like a small boutique pet store and those can get pricey. They ended up having only special breed specific Royal Canin and not the medium dog blend I usually get. Staff expressed their dislike of the products put in Royal Canin and continued to educate me on the different quality of foods. Sold me into buying some reasonably priced quality food called Fromm. Dog not a picky eater and no known allergies so it worked out great. Also less than going to the chain stores like Petco. Since I was there I picked up some food for my cat and they also gave me a free goody bag of sample food as well. Good quality food and extremely helpful. They take their time to make sure you're satisfied with the product you are buying. On top of that they even offered to special order the Royal Canin I originally wanted if the Fromm did not work out. Limited selection and space but worth your time and money guaranteed."

- Kingston L.

 "Small, friendly family-run pet store with a limited selection of good-quality products. They'll order specific varieties, if you ask. And they board pets for short time periods, when space is available."

- Harlan H.



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